Helpful Guides for your Vetiver Journey

A lot of information regarding the Vetiver System and how to use it can be found on The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) and throughout many helpful documents/presentations such as these.

To help new small-scale growers in the subtropics, I have written some high-resolution pictorial guides on propagation and planting in addition to the above resources. These are guides based in SE QLD on decomposed granite soil with rainfall averaging 800mm-1.2m a year. They are intended to help you start your nursery and build your first hedges in any locale.

These guides can be found here or directly as the Propagation Guide (10.3MB), the Planting Guide (17.7MB) or some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

They can also be found hosted at a smaller resolution on TVNI as the Propagation Guide and the Planting Guide.